TeX Live 2022 来了

发布于 2022-04-04 17:31:33

TeX Live 2022 来了,很准时。


其最新版本的下载地址(Windows 和 Linux 平台):

Mac 用户在:https://tug.org/mactex/​ 这里下载。​




  • New engine hitex, which outputs its own HINT format, designed especially for reading technical documents on mobile devices. HINT viewers for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Android are available separately from TeX Live.
  • tangle, weave: support optional third argument to specify output file.
  • Knuth’s program twill for making mini-indexes for original WEB programs now included.

Cross-engine extensions (except in original TeX, Aleph, and hiTeX):

  • New primitive showstream to redirect show output to a file.
  • New primitives partokenname and partokencontext allow overriding the name of the par token emitted at blank lines, the end of vboxes, etc.

epTeX, eupTeX:

  • New primitives: lastnodefont, suppresslongerror, suppressoutererror, suppressmathparerror.
  • pdfTeX extension vadjust pre now available.


  • Support structured destinations from PDF 2.0.
  • PNG /Smask for PDF 2.0.
  • Variable font interface for luahbtex.
  • Different radical style defaults in mathdefaultsmode.
  • Optionally block selected discretionary creation.
  • Improvements for TrueType fonts implementation.
  • More efficient fontdimen allocation.
  • Ignore paragraphs with only a local par node followed by direction synchronization nodes.

MetaPost: Bug fix for infinite macro expansion.


  • Support structured destinations from PDF 2.0.
  • For letterspaced fonts, use explicit fontdimen6 if specified.
  • Always start a warning at the beginning of a line.
  • For characters with autokern (pdfappendkern and pdfprependkern), still do protrusion; likewise, autokern both implicit and explicit hyphens.

pTeX et al.:

  • Major update of pTeX to 4.0.0 to better support current LaTeX.
  • New primitives ptexlineendmode and toucs.
  • ucs (formerly available in uptex, euptex) now available also in pTeX and epTeX.
  • Distinguish 8-bit characters and Japanese characters as discussed in a TUGboat article by Hironori Kitagawa ( https://tug.org/TUGboat/tb41-3/tb129kitagawa-char.pdf).

XeTeX: New wrapper scripts xetex-unsafe and xelatex-unsafe for simpler invocation of documents requiring both XeTeX and PSTricks transparency operators, which is inherently unsafe (until and unless reimplementation in Ghostscript happens). For safety, use Lua(LA )TeX.


  • Support for PSTricks without requiring -dNOSAFER, except for transparency.
  • The -r option to set bitmap font resolution works again.

Dvips: By default, do not attempt automatic media adjustment for rotated paper sizes; the new option –landscaperotate re-enables.

upmendex: Experimental support for Arabic and Hebrew scripts; improved character classification and language support.

Kpathsea: First path returned from kpsewhich -all is now the same as a regular (non-all) search.

tlmgr and infrastructure:

  • use https for mirror.ctan.org by default.
  • use TEXMFROOT instead of SELFAUTOPARENT for easier relocating.
  • install-tl: if download or installation fails for a given package, automatically continue and later retry (once).

MacTeX: MacTeX and its binary folder universal-darwin require macOS 10.14 or higher (Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey). The x86_64-darwinlegacy binary folder, available only with the Unix install-tl, supports 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and newer.

Platforms: No changes to platform support for this year (2022). However, for next year’s release (2023), we are planning to switch the Windows binaries from 32-bit to 64-bit. Unfortunately we cannot feasibly support both simultaneously.

预告:2023 年版本,Windows 将切换到 64 位版本。

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